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Beauty Found in Door County

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Makeup and Hair 

  • Skin Care
    Now is the time to start working on your skin. Last fall, on a New Orleans trip where it is very humid, I was told by the Bobbi Brown representative that American women are afraid of face oil.  I agreed, and she directed me to start using face oil.  Such an amazing difference!!  *remember to apply your moisturizer on the driest part of your face first-- most likely your cheeks, then work toward nose and forehead.  Moist skin accepts makeup so much better, and the makeup stays more natural looking on this soft surface.  On your wedding day, you'll be having your picture taken close-up and it is great to have that perfect finish (before Photoshop!). Even a relatively nice complexion can benefit from six months of stress-relief, proper nutrition, and added water-drinking.

    First, start a good cleansing program. You should be using a multi-step system including
    • a good cleanser appropriate for your skin-type in the mornings and cleanser at night
    • daily moisturizer and night cream
    • an exfoliant once to several times a week.  I LOVE MY CLARISONIC!!  THIS IS MY #1 FAVORITE TOOL AND THE ONE THING I WOULDN'T GO WITHOUT-- EVER
    This is a great time to invest in one.  You will not regret it-- check out the reviews on or consult a professional dermatologist. 
  • Drinking 8 to 10 glasses daily will help clear up blemishes and make your skin more luminous.
    While you're increasing your water consumption, it's a great time to be decreasing your caffeine consumption.
  • Hair
    If you want to grow out your hair for your wedding, or try a different color or style, now is the time to talk to your hairstylist. Typically I find (medium to dark) salon- colored hair to appear darker in photos.  I believe that the light is absorbed my colored hair and reflected by natural hair color. Blondes are the exception. 

    The overall health of your hair. You may want to start applying a deep conditioning treatment once a week. If your hair is dry, consider changing to a moisturizing shampoo and/or shampooing less often.

  • Makeup

    If you hire someone for your wedding day, you also need to look your best for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, and engagement photos. These are great times to try makeup as well as see how it looks in photos

    At least a month before the first wedding-related event, visit a makeup counter. Get a face sheet done, so you can reference what they used, and bring it with you to your stylist on your wedding day.  If you like the results, consider which of the products you need and purchase them. If you don't, speak up! And if they can't give you a look you're happy with, try another.